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Challenges to the thoroughbred dogs

When it comes to Thoroughbred dogs, no doubt they have been given many of the vaccinations lives in the clean environment and eat healthy food. But still, there are many of the problems, challenges from which they suffer. No doubt puppies are very cute but according to the history keeping the puppies within the family mostly doesn’t end up happily.

Thoroughbred dogs suffer from the effects of interbreeding, purebred dogs are wanted by the families due to their cuteness, beauty, and loyalty but many of the problems come with them due to pure lineage. The main problem with them is that if you want to breed two different dogs to have a baby dog from them that the selection of the parents should be from the same gene pool in result to get the same dog like parents which will also be thoroughbred. But the thing is that gene pool is already limited, we can’t find many of the dogs in the gene pool. Most of the clubs do this process, takes the breeders from the same gene pool but due to this no variety in genes occur and this thing limits the gene pool variety. As discussed above that the gene pools are very limited due to this the thoroughbred offspring have more of the chances of having the risk of genetic defects.

Now the defects can be of any type in the thoroughbred offspring. Most of the genetic defects include:

  • High risk of Cancer.
  • The risk of a tumor.
  • Eye disease.
  • Heart disease.
  • Disorders of bone.
  • Immune system problems.
  • Skin infections.
  • And epilepsy.

No need to get panic due to all of the genetic defects in a thoroughbred puppy, most of the risk is present in the mix breed type. When we talk about the quality breeders they do all the tests of the parents before the procedure of breeding and if any of the partners have the defective gene than the breeding procedure don’t take place until proper treatment has been done to that partner. This gene defect not only affects the thoroughbred puppy but also limits the gene pool due to which few of the normal thoroughbred dogs left.

All these challenges are faced by the thoroughbred dogs to deliver a puppy. These factors should be kept in mind before interbreeding of thoroughbred dogs. Not only these challenges are being faced In fact the whole procedure requires a lot of money by the owner and when the puppy is given birth by the female dog it needs vaccination, proper food, shelter to live in and many of the things so all the process of breeding is not easy and simple as it looks like. It requires a lot of the money and proper caretakers who check the dogs and puppy time to time. So do keep these things in Mind before you take any of the steps.