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Different and popular types of Thoroughbred dogs

As everything in this world has its different species, same is the case with the thoroughbred dogs. Thoroughbred dogs have many of the species which are different from one another, not different popular too. Some of the different and popular types of thoroughbred dogs are:


  • This dog is loyal.
  • It is funny in behavior.
  • Curious.

Afghan Hound:

  • This species of thoroughbred dog is charming.
  • Reserved in behavior. Don’t get frank with everyone.
  • Independent.
  • Sweet and very much loyal to the owner.

Airedale Terrier:

  • This species of thoroughbred dog is very clever.
  • Confident in his working and other works.
  • Very proud.
  • But friendly is nature.


  • This dog is noble.
  • Very loyal to the owner.

American English Coonhound:

  • Sweet species of the thoroughbred dog.
  • Social in nature, tries to interact with not only human beings but also with the other dogs.

American Eskimo Dog:

  • This dog is very beautiful, all covered with white fur.
  • Always ready to play.
  • Very smart.
  • A very special characteristic is that it is an excellent trick dog.


  • This dog is covered with brown fur all over the body. Not on body, face too.
  • Joyful and fun loving dog in nature.


  • This dog is so much intelligent.
  • This dog is not friendly, don’t like to interact with the strangers. Very reserve in nature to the strangers.

Basset Hound:

  • When we talk about this dog, it is very lazy. All the time likes to sleep.
  • This dog is very good if you want to make it your pet.


  • This is a dog which is very loving to everyone.
  • Loyal to the owner.
  • Happy in nature.
  • Friendly towards every person.

Bearded Collie:

  • This dog is short in size.
  • Fully covered with long hair all over the body and face. Hair is white and gray in color.
  • Friendly in nature.
  • Independent.
  • Stubborn.


  • This dog has charming and full of fun and loving nature.
  • This dog is considered to be the most loyal member of the family.

Above mentioned are some of the popular and different species of the thoroughbred dogs. If you want to buy a dog to keep in your home as a pet then you should consider them before buying. If you still don’t know that whether the species is thoroughbred or not then the list above can help you out to know that whether the species is thoroughbred or not. So now you can get your dog and can also know the nature and behavior before buying it. So buy a thoroughbred dog for yourself which will be easy to handle for you and match your temperament. And once you have bought a dog you can also get a lot of the puppies from it having same features and nature as your thoroughbred dog have.