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Best Thoroughbred Dog Breeds

Thoroughbred dogs are very commonly referred to as purebred dogs. A purebred dog refers to the dog that belongs to a modern breed. Belonging to the modern breed, these purebred dogs will have a documented pedigree present in a stud book or also might be registered with some breed club. The origin, history, and parents of the thoroughbred dogs will be well-known. Some very popular thoroughbred dog breed is listed below.

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Labrador Retriever

The dogs of this breed are very active and high-spirited in nature. They have an excellent level of intelligence that makes it very easy for the masters to train them. In addition, they love to please their masters with their behaviors and actions. Labs love playing with other people and crave for human contact to a great extent. Labs are also extremely good with children and they only bark when it’s absolutely necessary. Shedding for this thoroughbred breed is seasonal and also will need only rare grooming.  The life expectancy of the Labrador Retriever is 10-12 years.

German Shepherd

These are the most prized dogs ever. German Shepherd is well known for their exemplary above average intelligence, a completely muscular physique along with a very gentle noble spirit within them. These dogs are large and agile. German Shepherds are extremely confident, courageous and love performing both the physical as well as the mental exercises. They are also good with children and bark only if there is an emergency situation. They easily reach a height of about 21-25 inches and a weight of around 50-90 pounds. The lifespan of this thoroughbred dogs lies between the range of 7-10 years.

Golden Retriever

This thoroughbred dog breed is popular and belongs to both the working and also the service dog groups. They are also famously referred to as the search and rescue dog breed. Being very active, the Golden Retrievers are very friendly, smart and completely loyal and devoted to the families. It is very easy to train the Golden Retrievers and they are good with the children. They have very good hunting and guide dog abilities which makes this breed very popular. The life span of this thoroughbred dog breed lies between 10 to 12 years.


This is also a highly popular purebred. Dogs of this breed are extremely calm and quiet in nature. They are very massive and completely menacing looking dogs. Their physical feature of a big body with a short head adds to their fear factor. Being gentle, friendly, quiet and calm are some of the prominent characteristics of this breed of dogs. Weekly grooming is advisable. Since they are known to have a low activity level, the Bulldogs can be taken for regular walks to ensure that they remain healthy. This life expectancy of this purebred dog breed is between 8 to 10 years.

Some of the other famous thoroughbred dog breeds include Beagle, Poodle, French bulldog, boxer, great Dane, Doberman and many more. You can decide to have your preferred purebred dog based on the characteristics of each of the breeds.