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How To Tell If It’s A Thoroughbred Dog

A thoroughbred dog is a result of selective breeding accompanied by legal documentation. The main quality to look for in a thoroughbred dog is that once they mature into adulthood, they portray character traits that are typically associated with that specific breed. That said, it means that thoroughbred dogs are those that have been specifically bred with the purpose of conforming to particular standards. If you have introduced a new member to the family in form of a puppy, you may be anxious to tell whether it is as pure breed or not. Below are some of the things you can do.

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Check The Puppy’s Pedigree Papers

The AKC or the KC is only mandated to register thoroughbred dogs as pedigrees. Therefore, if you receive pedigree papers from your dealer, there is a high likelihood that the puppy you have purchased is a thoroughbred dog. These papers give detailed information pertaining to your dog’s ancestry across five generations while highlighting the various achievements of the various dogs in the family tree in their lifetimes.

Compare Your Puppy With The Breed’s Standards

Every dog breed club or association has its standards for what they think the ideal dog should look like. To determine whether your dog is a thoroughbred, you can compare it and its traits with the breed standards. This is easily done because most breed standards are presented via images and diagrams displaying particular features, traits and a brief description the puppy.

DNA Test

It is possible to check whether your dog is a thoroughbred through Dog DNA Testing. The DNA test allows you to gather information about your dog including information about its grandparents and great-grandparents. DNA services are offered by various places online such as Amazon and are considered one of the best ways of determining your dog’s breed as it gives additional information about the size and weight prediction of your puppy.