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The Proof You Can Pet Your Man: Fake Scenarios & Originals!

Don’t be thrown away by Fake hub funny name since this site is a mega site. It is the network or the center site of seven reality porn sites. The fake in the name is used to represent the main theme of the sites. You get to see fake cops, fake taxi drivers, fake castings, and fake hospitals among others where hot girls are tricked into hardcore sex. However, there is nothing fake about the hardcore sex that takes place in this site.

Fake Hub Originals Series

While fake hub is obviously number one when it comes to interesting and realistic sex scenes, their newly launched series fake hub originals is even more interesting and has sex scenarios that may not fit in the Fake hub brand and this is why it was launched. The hot models have hardcore sex in the most surprising and crazy places. The good news is that you do not need to subscribe to this new series if you are already a member of fake hub as Fake hub membership is all you need to watch it.

The fake hub originals videos are different from other porn sites videos as they try to make the sex scenes more believable and realistic.

It works, as when you watch the videos you feel as if you are seeing real people that are caught by the camera. This contrasts with most modern porn sites which do not try to hide the fact that you are watching fantasy sex acts.

Other Features to Watch Out for On the Site

The fake hub site has more than 2,172 videos which have full HD playback which is a plus. When you subscribe as a new member, you get a discount and you only need one subscription to get to watch all the seven sites. If you are a first timer you will find navigation of the site easy.

The site provides its members with an option to like or dislike the videos, post comments and also keep track of their favorite videos. The site also allows one to sort the scenes in terms of most viewed, most liked, alphabetically and by using dates. The site provides daily updates and new videos daily and sometimes more than one video is added. The quality is very high with great variety of fantasies, you will never run out of fresh content. The models used on the videos are diverse in terms of style, body type and age however, they are all whites.

You will however have a hard time if you want to browse the whole content as you can only jump to the first and to the last videos. Additionally, this site does not have previews and the download speed is a bit slow so if you love downloading the videos this might take a while on this site.